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RadScreen is now Rad2Share

The last two years I have been quite busy in developing this software. Together with my colleague Onno Vijlbrief we improved Radscreen and created Rad2Share.

Rad2Share has even more Powerpoint options and is a lot faster in grabbing the images from your PACS.

But the main difference is, that Rad2Share can upload the images to the cloud, so you can share your anonymized radiology images with everyone using e.g. Whatssapp or email.

Visit and download the free software at

Contact us at for more information and enterprise licenses.

Version 2.0 released!

New version of RadScreen available NOW!
New features:
– Whole stack will be collected in one slide (seperate slide export is still available)
– More lay-out options:
o Possible to select to which slide you want to export
o Adjustable image size and position
o Option of black or existing background
o Image count in the left lower quadrant (gives insight when you are at the end of scrolling through your stack)

Please let me know if you run into any problems